Project Management

Development projects are complex but our approach to Project Management is straightforward.  We get to understand your business needs, we translate these needs into a project brief and we assemble the right project team to make your project a reality.


We know that establishing the project brief is a critical activity because everything that follows, including design, statutory permissions, procurement, construction and handover is developed from the project brief.  We interrogate your Business Case to understand what really matters.  We define why the project is being pursued with reference to your business needs.  We determine what the end result must include, when it must be operational and the project budget limits.  Once the project brief is finalised and approved we assemble the right design team for the project and manage the staged production of the design.  With the project team we set the optimum procurement strategy to achieve value through competition or negotiation and identify the right contractor.  We act as the client’s representative throughout the construction and handover of the project.


In our experience, a structured approach and control procedures will set the framework for delivering a project, but it is the people who use this framework that make a difference.  Our Project Managers are the key to making things happen on time and on budget to meet your business needs.