Dispute Resolution & Construction Claims

Dispute resolution

Construction contracts often carry the potential for conflict and our approach to Construction Claims and Dispute Resolution targets timely resolution within the prescribed contractual mechanisms.


We know that claims can be pursued for a variety of reasons, but the aim is always the same – to gain some form of commercial consideration, usually time or money.  Claims arise when there is discrepancy or ambiguity within a contract which cannot be resolved using the mechanisms within the contract.  We structure claims or rebuttals to provide a clear interface between the technical and legal teams involved in the dispute and give evidence based justification for the position.  We prepare documentation to support the full range of dispute resolution processes and are always mindful that there could be a further escalation if either party is not satisfied with the outcome.  We provide representation in hearings and, subject to delegated authority, we take part in negotiation of settlements and incorporation of agreements back in to the contract where appropriate.


Our experienced contract and claims specialists offer independent, informed and pragmatic advice at all stages or the development lifecycle.