Technical Due Diligence & Funder Advisory Services

Taking an interest in property, either by acquisition or investment, must be supported by a robust appraisal of the risks involved in committing capital.


Acquisition of a planned or completed development carries inherent risks and our approach to Technical Due Diligence provides an assessment of the risks which may influence the transaction value.  Investment in property must show a return and our approach to Funders Advisory Services determines whether the value of the project is being realised over the duration of the investment.  We get to understand your acquisition or investment strategy and we assemble the right Technical Advisory team for the asset type.  We complete an initial appraisal to confirm that the investment being sought is appropriate, that there are no barriers to the project being delivered and we give a prioritised assessment of the statutory, contractual and technical risks.  We then monitor delivery of the project to confirm that value is accruing as planned and recommend mitigation where any deficit is identified.


For acquisition we give clear advice to inform the decision to enter into a lease or sale agreement.  For investment we provide assurance throughout the term that financial exposure is covered by physical value.